How grafine works with you

Developing Innovative Elastomers

Before your project starts


We’ll meet with you to understand your individual

business requirements, market needs and the

challenges grafine can help you address

Together, we define and agree the scope of

a development project, with work packages

that are tailored to your specific objectives



Target performance specifications and

work package timelines are agreed, so you’ll

know what to expect and when

Testing and bench-marking methodologies

are agreed with your existing manufacturing

materials, products and processes in mind


During your project


By spending time at your facilities, we ensure that

new formulations accommodate your current assets, 

processes and flexibility towards system modifications

grafine develop elastomer formulations

based on a comprehensive understanding

of your business and its requirements



With your in-house team,

trials, test and refines new formulations

to meet your production specifications

If process modifications are required in order to

manufacture new elastomer formulations, grafine

advises you on any necessary optimisations



grafine supports you in identifying

manufacturers of high-quality nanomaterials

and in establishing supply agreements

grafine offers expert quality control services

to continually validate that graphene materials supplied

from third-parties meet agreed standards


After your project’s conclusion


grafine provides support in promotional

and marketing activities designed to promote

the benefits of graphene-elastomer composites

Charges for formulation development and process scale-up services are based on pre-agreed  phased payments. Where appropriate, a licencing royalty per unit sold is paid to grafine by the industrial client in cases where developed formulations are incorporated into finished products. grafine also offers continuing development, validation and marketing support services for a fixed retainer.


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