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How we work with you

For new elastomer composites development to be commercially and technically successful, grafine Ltd. has established a clear engagement and collaboration process. An example of how this can work is  described below.


Before project begins:

  • grafine meets with the industrial client to understand their business requirements and market need or issue they are trying to address.

  • The parties jointly define and agree the scope, the project objectives and the work packages required to achieve deliver these objectives.

  • Both parties agree target performance specifications and project timelines for each of the work packages.

  • A common testing and benchmarking methodology is agreed based on the partners current manufacturing materials,  products and processes. 


During the project:

  • grafine spends time at the industrial client’s manufacturing facilities to get comprehensive understanding of their current manufacturing assets and processes as well as their flexibility to modify these to in order accommodate new formulations.

  • Based on a comprehensive understanding of the project objectives and industrial client’s processing capabilities development of new formulations begins.

  • Working closely together the development teams from the industrial client and grafine trial, test and refine  the new formulations to be optimised for production.

  • grafine will support the scale-up of formulation or compounding and scale-up of product forming to production volumes.

  • grafine will advise on the associated process optimisations.

  • grafine will support in the identification and establishment of a graphene material supply partner.


After the project conclusion:

  • grafine will continue to offer quality control of 3rd party graphene material supply.

  • grafine will provide support in promotional and marketing activities designed to promote the technological benefits of incorporating graphene materials.

  • grafine will charge for formulation development and process scale-up based on pre-agreed  phased payments. Where appropriate, a licencing royalty per unit sold will be paid to grafine by the industrial client  where the technology is incorporated into finished products. grafine will also consider providing contunuing development, validation and marketing support services for a fixed retainer. 

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