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What can graphene do for you?

Graphene is the world's first 2-dimensional (2-D) material, which is just one atom thick, and yet, has superlative properties, such as:​

• High tensile strength, 200x stronger than steel​

• Elastic and flexible​

• High electrical conductivity​

• High thermal (heat) conductivity ​

• Impermeable to gasses and liquids​

• Inert​

• Chemically versatile and can be modified to tailor filler-matrix interaction​

and much more!

Graphene can be added to elastomers to​

  • Improve tensile strength​

  • Improve tear strength​

  • Improve puncture strength​

  • Improve elongation​

  • Improve abrasion and wear resistance ​

  • Improve electrical conductivity​

  • Improve thermal (heat) conductivity​

  • Improve chemical resistance ​

  • Improve ageing behaviour ​

  • Improve barrier properties ​

and much more!

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